May 25, 2021

Knowing the Difference with Glass
Replacement vs Window Replacement

Repair or replace your windows? This is a common question many homeowners call and ask on a daily basis. They don’t know whether they should replace the glass or replace the entire window. When replacing the entire window, it may be a little more expensive since you’re paying for more than just the glass, but you will also be seeing twice the benefits. Replacing an entire window is usually recommended since more problems will more than likely occur especially if your windows are old.

What is Glass Replacement?

Window glass replacement involves removing the glass from the window sash or frame. Glass replacement you’re choosing a short-term, temporary fix to a long-term, more permanent solution for your home. This is a good fix if you have foggy windows, broken or cracked glass. This is an easy fix if you are wanting to sell your home soon. Your decision should be based on the problem at hand because sometimes, you won’t need to replace the entire window and that glass replacement will do the job just fine. Glass replacement is the best option if you are dealing with a fairly new window that is only experiencing a single issue like being broken or cracked.

Old Foggy Window

What is Window Replacement?

Window replacement involves taking out the whole window glass sash and frame and replacing it with a whole new window. Window Replacement comes into play when your windows are old and are suffering from broken glass, drafty, ugly broken-down frames or wanting to change the look of your home. Hitting more than one problem on the list of common window issues, then do consider replacing the window.

Old Window Frameo

Window companies will often have ongoing deals, allowing for homeowners to replace drafty windows in their homes without breaking the bank. Energy Efficient Windows will save you on your monthly energy bills, which in turn, will not only help you regulate the temperatures inside your home, make you’re A/C unit last longer, beautify your home and also increase the resale value of your house.

When replacing the entire window, yes, it may be a little more expensive since you’re paying for more than just the glass, but you’ll also be seeing twice the benefits that come with them.

2x the benefits Replacing entire Window

Energy savings are even more noticeable, the resale value increases with new replacement windows, outside noise is dramatically lessened, and there’s even more of a difference during the hotter and colder months in your home’s internal temperatures. This is a step to consider if your windows are old and have broken glass, notably suffering from more than one issue at a time.

A glass replacement versus an entire window replacement feels like you’re choosing between a short-term, temporary fix to a long-term, more permanent solution for your home. Your decision should be based on the problem at hand.

Window Replacement vs Glass Replacement Chart

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